A Spiritual Exposition : An Intemperate Odyssey
By Dr. Chandra Senan

This book is an adaptation of a public lecture delivered at the Wrexham Science Festival (Glyndwr University, 2007)

The book encompasses a wide-ranging look at alcohol including its origins in the dim and distant past, the associated folklore and etymology as well as methods of production together with the relevant chemistry and biochemistry. It highlights the effects of alcohol on various parts of the human body including the all-important brain. Drink driving, alcohol detection, toxicology and hangovers (coupled with the rationale behind some of the remedies for over-indulging) are all considered, interspersed with small doses of alcohol-related humour. The pros and cons of alcohol imbibition are discussed, outlining the views of various experts on the subject.

Also covered are some of the more interesting studies conducted on alcohol including the responses of animals and plants to intoxicants. The connection between the

geology of the location from which waters are drawn for the production of various brews and the types of ensuing beers are rationalised. Attitudes and idiosyncrasies of people from different cultures towards alcohol over the centuries are also examined. The metaphysical and other philosophical aspects linked to alcohol consumption are also mulled over. Due recognition is accorded to the often overlooked and unappreciated yeast cells that are instrumental in the production of alcohol and the fascinating fermentation process unravelled.

Colour illustrations throughout. A5 size publication - 281 pages
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ALCOHOL by Dr. Chandra Senan