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by Dr. Chandra Senan

1st Edition reviews

"I got the book "Alcohol" as a wedding gift from Chandra (Thank You!), so if you are looking for a present to give to someone - something different from the next bottle of wine, this book is a great alternative. I must admit it stood out from the bottles I received but was still an "alcohol" :)

"Alcohol"  by Chandra Senan is the second book of his that I have read and I enjoyed both of them. The book is written clearly, using accessible language. Being a chemist, I expected a scientific approach to the matter, something about usage of alcohol in the lab and in industry and I was certainly not disappointed. Not only did I read about these topics but I also came across medical and botanical facts, as well as the effects of alcohol abuse and a whole chapter dedicated to the history of alcohol.

I think it is worth noting that for every fact described in the book, the source of information is provided - in case you would like to explore the matter further. I found it very useful. It's amazing how so many interesting things have been put together in one book!  Great Job!

Here are a few words about the book from my husband:
Interesting and funny. You can shine while attending parties, telling your friends curious things about the drink in your glass :)"

Aneta Dudaszek

"A most interesting read on a number of levels. Dr Senan has produced a publication that is of equal interest to the reader from a scientific background or indeed to the lay person. A vast range of approaches to the subject from the biochemistry of fermentation to the old wives cures for hangovers and everything in between. History, humour and hangovers. Geology, geography and philosophy all contained within. Highly recommended reading."                                   

Stephen Chambers

"The sober reflections of the author provides a cocktail of fascinating and useful facts about the history and chemistry of alcohol. Far from being a dry read, the book provides inspiration for factoids in the best Steve Wright tradition for reflection down the pub. The topics covered are wide ranging and written in a humourous style to keep the reader engrossed in topics such as brewing beer in outer space, the history of various drinks and some would say the most important cures and absolutions for the good old hangover. But fear not - overindulgence in this book (a thoroughly good read) won't result in nausea and headaches."

Dr. Matthew Evans

"I seem to have read Dr. Chandra Senan's 3 books in alphabetical order - Alcohol, Blood and Water not by design, but because I was drawn by the topics and the exotic covers!! And I found that it was the right sequence - as Alcohol was the easiest for me to read and understand.

The book on Alcohol was mesmerizing because of the entertaining way in which the topic was presented revealing how drinking has manifested over the centures. This book will definitely sell to drinkers whether they are connoisseurs of wine, social drinkers, closet drinkers, or even dipsomanics. The author spells out the dangers that drinking may cause to the system, without being judgemental. In fact he seems to condone it to some extent, almost calling it the bastion of the educated male. There are a lot of interesting facts to be picked up, which could be conversation starters at the next cocktail party!! A lot of research has gone into this book and the accompanying illustrations make the book all the more interesting."


"This book taught me everything I could want or need to know about alcohol. Whilst the book delivered hard core scientific facts it also provided common sense and interesting tales leading myself, a non-scientist, comfortably through the world of alcohol. An excellent read and boundless source of information. Congratulations!"

Mrs Patricia Chatham

"My fabourite subject, especially since I've had problems with it. The author has left no stone unturned to give the reader such a comprehensive picture of every aspect of alcohol with beautiful pictures, chemical reactions and graphs through intensive research.

The part about the undesirable effects of alcohol has sobered me up and I hope to cultivate some discipline regarding the consumption of alcohol after reading his magnificent work."


"I have finished reading your book on Alcohol which provides a lot of useful information and interesting facts about alcohol that are of great interest to me (as I brew cider and apple wine) while the hard work of digging it all out was done by you! The book is well written, interesting and suitable for both ordinary readers and chemists and I recommend it to all, drinkers or not."

Ng Tat Lin

"Everything you ever wanted to know about booze....and then some.

Anyone with even a passing interest in alcohol - and let's face it, that's most of us - should read this book. Senan takes the reader on an astonishingly comprehensive journey through the discovery, history, production, applications, physiological effects and chemistry of alcohol. The book also encompasses the impact of alcohol upon human culture and art throughout history, using it as a clever literary device to weave the scientific content into a highly entertaining and amusing narrative that should appeal to the non-scientist as much as the scientifically literate reader. For those whose interest in booze may be bordering on the obsessive, the book provides a sobering discussion of the damage that alcohol can inflict on the human body to balance the obvious delights that it also brings. Thus, unlike the effects of the demon drink itself, a generous nightly dose of this book leaves the reader with a warm glow but without the danger of the inevitable hangover."

Dr. Patrick Gunning

"Dr. Senan's Alcohol book, part of a fluid trilogy whose other members are Blood and Water, is a very comprehensive and wide-ranging journey through a topic of great interest to most cultures in the world. One is in turn educated, amused, fascinated and warned! I found the book to be a treasure trove of handy nuggets of alcohol related information that is going to come in most handy at parties.

Seriously though, one has to commend the author for making the science accessible to laypersons and then injecting a healthy dose of humour throughout. I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy."

Dr. Suppiah

"I am impressed with the books. I have also made up my mind to get a copy of each during the next 12 months not just because I know a certain Dr. Chandra, but because these books are fountains of compressed knowledge and as such collector's items."

Nnamdi Amatobi