What A Load Of Bails by Dr. Chandra Senan

What A Load Of Bails
A Tale Of Two Wickets
or How to start at the bottom and stay there

by Dr. Chandra Senan

A hilarious look at a bunch of low-level, would-be cricketers in Wales fighting against insurmountable odds including advancing age; non-existent cricketing skills; the increasing girth of a few, more obese members; diminishing reflexes; an unhealthy affinity for alcohol displayed by some of the more bibulous types; internecine fighting and constant barracking and bickering; acrimonious post-mortems and the recurring anguish of being regularly routed.  The book examines how and why K.C.C. ended up as the worst team in the ninth (lowest) division of the Chester and District Mid-week League for two successive years, despite heroic attempts to achieve the opposite.

Illustrated throughout with cartoons.
8.25" x 5.75 size publication - 236 pages
8.49 + Postage & Packing

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What A Load Of Bails by Dr. Chandra Senan