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by Dr. Chandra Senan

1st Edition Reviews

"This book is science come down to earth with easy to read and understand terms. As a science student, I found it engaging and so attention grabbing that it kept me looking forward to reading the next page. Unlike conventional text books, this book breathes life into the subject - making it jump from the pages into real, everyday life in a way that both a layman on the street and a scientist can understand.
A recommended MUST READ of a book."

Zavier Zimunya, BSc Forensic Science

"I was born with a rare blood type and having a recent discussion with friends about this subject, I wanted to find out more about the different kinds of blood types the human race has developed and why. I came across this book and decided to purchase it. I found each chapter very interesting and was pleased to find that I could finish a chapter, put the book down and then start another chapter anywhere in the book. There are also many informative illustrations. I was surprised to learn that there are many interesting facts about the subject of blood and therefore it would be very useful as a reference book for people to use in their studies on the subject. I must point out that even though I am not a medical person and there are a lot of medical words to get your tongue around, I found it very enlightening."

Sandra Stor

"A very thorough account of this fluid in our bodies by Dr. C, a chemist, will be invaluable knowledge for professionals as well as laymen. Painstaking research must have been undertaken and a wealth of illustrations, graphs and little anecdotes make this book a very interesting read indeed!!!

I didn't know that blood can mean so much until I embarked on reading this tome. Well done Dr. Chandra. I look forward to more books by you in the future!!"


"In the book on Blood, Dr. Chandra explains how important this transport system is to our well being. His ability to deal with the topic from so many perspectives makes this book a truly joyous and wondrous read. The colour illustrations are like no other that I have ever seen in books on scientific topics. There are snippets of information which have been gleaned - like using goat's blood for hamstring and muscle repair!! or using modified blood combining human and crocodile blood (which has more haemoglobin-bound oxygen) that could enhance performance of runners - though unfairly. The remarkable zebra fish's ability to repair a 'broken heart' is being studied by scientists with a view to applying it to damaged human heart muscle, for without the heart's ability to pump blood, life would come to a standstill."


"Blood, written by Dr. Chandra Senan, is a book worth reading for anyone interested in taking the best care of their physical well being, through a better understanding of a living organism's dependence on its blood. The book is well researched, inclusive of related information from mankind's ancient lore, myths and knowledge base, the seriousness of which is tempered with humorous tidbits. Anything else I could say has already been written on the book's cover.....all, and possibly more that you would ever need to know about blood."

Sharane Elliott

"I have finished reading the Blood book and thought it was excellent. The science may have been heavy for some but I think it was very good and very thorough. I found the susceptibility to disease based on blood type very thought provoking - I will not be visiting areas where plague is common. I thought more could have been written about the diet and blood type but it is referenced if I want to pursue it. The book itself is very well produced with all colour photos and diagrams. I am looking forward to reading your Alcohol book in the new year."

Daniel O'Connell

"I am impressed with the books. I have also made up my mind to get a copy of each during the next 12 months not just because I know a certain Dr. Chandra, but because these books are fountains of compressed knowledge and as such collector's items."

Nnamdi Amatobi

2nd Edition Reviews