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Poetry & Verse
Lift The Spirit & Soothe The Soul

2nd Edition

by Shobha Senan


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'Dialgoues From Within' is the beautiful title of a book of "Poetry & Verse To Lift The Spirit & Soothe The Soul" by my friend's sister, Shobha Senan. The first thing I loved about this book is its cover. I am not one to judge a book by its cover but I am not immune to a gorgeous cover either. So when I saw it the first time, I wanted to read the book.

Funny thing is - I am not much of a poetry reader, preferring humour, law/medical/crime fiction and whodunits and police procedurals. Don't get me wrong, though! I do enjoy poetry and infact, took part in the month long 'Haiku Challenge' in February 2012 and had a great time. Since I have read and enjoyed excerpts from the author's brother - Dr. Chandra Senan's books, I was curious to read Shobha's verse, what with being tempted by the cover and all.

Soon enough, I received the book (thank you, Dr. Chandra) and decided to first speed read it. What did happen was, I ended up reading the book from cover to cover, literally. Poetry is a personal thing and I consider the limerick my favourite form. But I enjoyed reading Shobha's verse, perhaps because I saw a deeper meaning in each verse than met the eye.

Let me share the words of the author from the back cover of the book:

"Poetry is a revelation from a place deep within where dialogues never cease, 'till answers are found.

All of us receive these answers. Some of us respond to these voices from within. Others refuse to hear them.

Each time a poem emerges, a storm abates. Peace reigns and once again you feel connected.

Deep seated thoughts, convictions and resolutions manifest at this level. Questions that arise are inevitably answered.

This is what I am sharing with you in my collection, Dialogues From Within".

This is a very good description of the book and I couldn't have written it better - and so I thought it best to quote Shobha.

One of the things that stood out for me in this book is that it felt like the author was having a dialouge with the Almighty, a higher power - call it what you will - always appreciating, with an emphasis on her faith. Take this poem for instance:

On Being Yourself

Live the life you so rightly deserve
Free the soul you so desperately preserve
Rid yourself of false pretences
And live your life free of defences

Live for yourself and all that is real
For God in all his zeal
Meant you to be like yourself
And not like the others

Most of the poems evoke a reflective mood, bring on the realization that hope springs eternal, nothing lasts forever and there's always the supreme power to turn to. The book's clean format makes for an easy read,  images on the left and the poems on the right.

Get some soft music on, preferably instrumental and settle down to enjoy the book!

Vidya Sury
Freelance writer and professional blogger