For the publication


by Dr. Chandra Senan

"Thank you for the preview of your book and asking me for my opinion. As I noticed before, your books are really easy to read. What I mean is that you describe many interesting facts (not always well known) very clearly, which is such a difficult thing to do."

Aneta Kasinska

"I 'met' Dr. Chandra through my blog in April 2012. His emails are encouraging, appreciative and kind. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that I reviewed his sister's book of poetry 'Dialogues From Within' last year during the A to Z challenge. We have built a pleasant friendship and I feel privileged to know him. Dr. Chandra Senan has authored several books and 'Oxygen' is his latest. When he offered me a preview, I expected a text-book-type book. But when I began reading it, I found it not only informative but also beautifully written. Interspersed with inspiring quotes and presented in a layout that any layman will find interesting, I'd say Dr. Chandra has the gift of expression.

In 'Oxygen' Dr. Senan has included almost everything you ever wanted to know about the gas. Comprehensive, solidly researched, it has a wealth of information presented in easy to understand format with colour illustrations throughout.

My opinion of the book can be seen on my website via the link below."

Vidya Sury

"I am impressed with the books.  I have also made up my mind to get a copy of each during the next 12 months, not just because I know a certain Dr. Chandra but because these books are fountains of compressed knowledge and as such collector's items."

Nnamdi Amatobi

"A wonderful book which covers every aspect of Oxygen. The author takes the reader for a journey right from the very start - beginning with the Big Bang theory - to current Global Warming concerns. Contains a vast amount of knowledge which is delivered in an easy to read fashion, making it accessible to all. A highly recommended read."

Dr. Amiya Chaudhry