Spin Washed & Kumble Dried by Dr. Chandra Senan

Spin Washed And Kumble Dried

The 1993 England Cricket Tour Of India
or The Sub-continental Spinquisition

by Dr. Chandra Senan

A semi-serious appraisal of the dismally disastrous 1993 England cricket tour of India or the highly emphatic Indian series spinwash, depending on your point of view.

The book attempts to throw some light on the expectations of both teams; the hopes of the opposing bands of supporters; the media hype; the different strategies adopted by the teams and the resultant contrasting styles of play; the effects of food, travel, climatic conditions and other extraneous factors on the morale and health of the tourists; the various umpiring styles on offer and the ensuing decisions; individual performances with bat and ball; crowd involvement including cheering, barracking, sloganeering, missile and thunderflash launching and the odd pitch invasion; the painful English post-mortems including the tenuous link between bristles and performance and the all-important views of the radio and satellite television cricketing pundits throughout the series.

Illustrated throught with cartoons
8.25" x 5.75" size publication - 172 pages
7.49 + Postage & Packing

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Spin Washed & Kumble Dried by Dr. Chandra Senan