Reviews for 'Train Operations On The Ffestiniog Railway

Train Operationson the
Ffestiniog Railway
in the Late 20th Century

2nd Edition

by Roy Harper

First Edition Reviews

"This is a very convenient sized book with plenty of colour photos. These photos are distributed evenly throughout the book, with each photo appearing opposite its relevant text. This gives a good initial feel to the book. It is a very personalised record of Roy's very long service to the Ffestiniog Railway. His enthusiasm for the subject so clearly comes out throughout the book.

The book is written in a very factual style, but at the same time preserving readability. Everything is clear and concise, but done in a way to make an interesting story -- from the history of the engines to some more general historical facts. There is a section on the old horse drawn and gravity slate trains.

Further on in the book when the technicality of the engines (e.g. Fairlie patent, oil firing systems etc) are discussed, very clear diagrams coupled with lucid explanations make this very understandable for complete novices to the railway scene. This continues up to the ETS (electric train staff) system which is a system for single track operation.

Overall, this is a fantastic little book. For those who want history in great detail, this book will never be enough on its own, but it is a great addition as it reflects things from the inside (told by an enthusiast) -- things that will be missed by the more specialised books. A good number of the photos -- including as far back as the 1980's -- include Roy himself in the picture. As well as an interesting history lesson on the Ffestiniog Railway, it is very much a book which can be picked up by people with no background knowledge to trains, and be readily understood -- even including the more technical parts.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the Ffestiniog Railway, and I have no hesitation in recommending it. "

Len Harrison - Cynwy, Corwen, United Kingdom
(Lecturer - now retired - Yale College, Wrexham, United Kingdom)