WATER 2nd Edition by Dr. Chandra Senan


a.k.a. Aqua, Diprotium Oxide, Dihydrogen Monoxide,
Hydroxic Acid, Hydrogen Oxide, Hydroxylic Acid,
Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydric Acid, Oxidane.
A biography of the planet's foremost fundamental fluid

by Dr. Chandra Senan

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This book is an adaptation of a public lecture delivered at the Wrexham Science Festival (Glyndwr University, 2008)

The universal themes that bind humanity together culturally, spiritually and linguistically are all inextricably bound to water in its many forms. Water is inarguably the most precious resource on Earth. Yet, ironically, water is a substance that is taken for granted and not treated with the respect it so obviously deserves.

Right now, there are millions of people, animals and plants enduring the ravages of water shortages while simultaneously, elsewhere, there is profligate usage and needless waste (not to mention pollution) of this most valuable commodity upon which we all so utterly depend. In fact, there have been ominous predictions that clean water will become the 'next oil' but with one important difference - whereas the lack of oil will have huge implications worldwide, the global scarcity of clean water would spell total disaster for humanity itself and it is only a matter of time before major wars are fought over water.

The book examines the wonders of water, highlighting the physical and chemical properties of this magical fluid including its unique behaviour and structure; performance as a mediator of life's biochemical reactions and role as a near-universal solvent. It details the distribution of water, describes the types of water that exist and touches on its purification. The participation of water in photosynthesis and energy production together with its crucial importance to all living cells is also covered. In addition, the likely origins of water are pondered over, as is the continuing search for this most vital liquid in far-flung planets.

Also discussed are how climate change, environmental degradation, the rapid extinction of animal and plant species and the dwindling supplies of drinking water are all inter-related. The book critically looks at the roles played by humanity (both constructively and destructively) in the planet's well-being and considers the outcomes, should significant and meaningful remedies not be embarked upon without further delay to save what is left of the good Earth.

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Water. A Biography of the Planet's Foremost Fundamental Fluid. 2nd Edition by Dr. Chandra Senan